Majority of BC: The Podcast

Majority of BC: The Podcast

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Majority of BC: The Podcast

Over the last two months, our little group has been steadily working away on a passion project.  We have been trying to channel our excess political energy into something useful and we have finally landed on an outlet.  We call it Majority of BC: The Podcast.

The Podcast is a spin-off of the overwhelmingly successful Facebook group “Majority of BC,” which has become the de-facto online home for BC Liberal organizers, volunteers, and influencers.  Our goal is to take this existing brand, combine our talents and resources, and turn our new podcast into the top political podcast in BC in as short a period of time.

The Team

Behind the Mic

Ryan Pineo


A veteran host of radio shows on two continents (this is a bit of a stretch, but it is factually accurate), Ryan has a way of combining politics and humour that is uncommon in British Columbia.  He is skilled at asking relevant questions, keeping debate going, and above all making a product that is actually fun to listen to.

Nicole Paul


Nicole Paul is an Assistant Producer & Co-Host, focusing on content of interest to younger British Columbian voters, and other issues she is passionate about.

Jordan Schroeder

Assistant Producer / Co-Host

A recent law school graduate with a political science degree, Jordan could be accurately labelled the policy nerd of the team. He enjoys identifying the nuanced parts of tough issues and making the issues accessible to regular people learning about politics

John Manning


John Manning is our Producer and is providing the studio space and equipment, logistical support, and food.  He is enjoying the opportunity to nerd out and spend time with his friends.

Zoe Ferry


A new start recruit to the team, Zoe is injecting a fresh new voice into Season 2 of Majority.